Volstruis Ostrich Leather Goods

     Exotic leathers, especially ostrich due to its asymmetrical texture and shape, require extreme attention to detail. It’s common for the words “precious nature” to be used when describing exotics. These words could be taken as synonymous for “rare” or “luxurious”. At Volstruis we regard them as precious because of how much diligence has gone into the creation of each piece.

     Most people don’t know this about working with exotic leathers, but most of the work is not in the stitching, it’s in the cutting, the gluing, the skiving, the splitting, the holding, the folding, the pressing, the sanding, the trimming, the edge painting, the cleaning…

     Unlike cow or buffalo hides, exotic leathers are not intrinsically rugged. They are thinner leathers that have intensely strong, diagonal running grain. Cow hide grain runs horizontal and vertical, making thicker cuts and raw edges attractive.

     For this reason, exotics have to be perfect in their construction, down to every perfectly straight fold and turned-over edge. Otherwise they’re falling short of their potential and feel cheap.

Volstruis Ostrich Leather Goods

     Sure, the stitching is a very important part, but it makes up much less of the final work quota than people think. In our production house alone, 9 of the 10 leather crafting employees are working on something other than stitching.

     What this means is that a minimum of 7 sets of hands touch each and every product during it’s creation. That gives us a sense of pride. It reinforces that our range of products are not just hand finished or hand selected after mass batching, but truly handmade from start to finish.  

     While the textures of each product will always be different, the quality and attention to detail is something that will remain the same. We welcome your membership in the brand we are proud to call Volstruis.